Explore Arabian Sea on board luxury cruise Nefertiti

One can soon explore the magnificent beauty of the Arabian sea while relaxing in the luxury of a cruise vessel. The Shipping and Inland Navigation Corporation of Kerala is all set to launch, Nefertiti, the most luxurious cruise vessel in the country soon.

The vessel which boasts of a luxurious Egyptian design has been built in Goa and is expected to arrive in Kochi within a couple of weeks. The vessel built at an expense of Rs 18 crore will offer a stunning experience of night time cruise through the Arabian sea along with a sumptuous dinner with lip-smacking side dishes. The KSINC is hoping to lure foreign tourists and corporate firms by offering world-class luxury cruise.

Named after Nefertiti, the Egyptian queen renowned for her beauty, the vessel has the capacity to accommodate 200 passengers in its three decks. Registered as a Class VI vessel under the Merchant Shipping Act, Nefertiti has a total length of 48.5 metres and a width of 14.5 metres. The draft of a vessel or the distance between the water surface and the lowest point of the vessel is 2.5 metre. Nefertiti offers a cruise through the sea with four-star facility and entertainment programmes.

There is a spacious conference hall, a luxurious dining hall, a bar lounge, 3D movie house, play space for children and a sun deck. The cruise vessel is ideal for business meetings, wedding reception and corporate get together. It is expected to be introduced during the Onam season.

It is the success of Sagararani, the cruise boat that offers breakfast, lunch and sunset cruise to tourists who want to explore the splendours of Kerala backwaters, that encouraged KSINC to launch the luxury cruise vessel in Kochi. Sagararani has a conference hall which can accommodate 40 persons, a DJ floor and space for onboard entertainment, including food and beverages.