Child falls out of car on a sharp turn : Miraculous escape [Video]

Safety is something that most Indians do not care about, especially on public roads. The Indian roads witness one of the highest numbers of accidents every year and many of them turn out to be fatal.

Yet, we get to see people ignoring safety and driving in a haphazard manner on the roads. Here is such a video, in which a child falls from a moving vehicle while taking a corner and it is only a miracle to see that he managed to escape any unruly situation.

The incident happened somewhere in Kerala and it was recorded on a CCTV camera. The video shows that a tight left-hand corner on a double lane road without any solid divider in it.

A hatchback can be seen entering in the frame and as it takes the corner at a decent speed, a person can be seen falling out of the rear right-hand side door of the vehicle. The child who falls off the vehicle can be seen rolling on the road and opportunely, there is only a motorcycle in the opposite lane.

Soon the other vehicles come into the frame and they, fortunately, spot the child on the road and put the brakes in time. The child seems to be fine in the video but we believe that he sustained a few minor injuries.

The exact reason of the child falling from the car is not known. It is possible that the vehicle door was not closed properly and due to the force of the body on the door while taking the tight corner, the door opened and he fell out.

It is also possible that the child was fiddling with the door handle and as the car reaches the corner, the child loses his balance and falls out of the vehicle. It sure is an extremely dangerous incident and something very unfortunate could have happened here.

However, it is clear that the child was not wearing a seatbelt, which could have saved him from getting out of the vehicle like this.

All the cars sold in India come equipped with child locks. It is important to make use of the feature whenever a child is travelling in the rear seats of the vehicle. A child lock ensures that the rear doors of the vehicle cannot be opened from the inside. It ensures that even if the child fiddles with the door handles, the door would not open.

Also, it is important to keep the cabin light in the door-open position. This way, the vehicles that are not equipped with door hazard lamps will turn on the cabin lamp whenever any of the doors are not properly closed.

Child seat or Booster seat is something that most Indians ignore. Since a child is much smaller in size, using the seatbelts alone can hurt the small figure of children. Instead, child seats that hook into the ISOFIX mounts should be used.

Various seats are available in the Indian market that suits the age of the child. One should always use the child seats according to the age of the person.

Also, regardless of the child seats, one should always use the seatbelts irrespective of the place they are sitting in the vehicle. While most Indians have started using the seatbelts in the front seats due to the strict laws across the country, there are only a handful of people who put on the seatbelt in the rear seats.

It is as important to put the seatbelt in the rear seats as it is in the front. When an accident happens, the occupants without a seatbelt can get tossed around inside the vehicle and can also hurt the other passengers.

This is why the seatbelt is a paramount safety feature that everyone sitting in a vehicle should always use.

Written By – Shantonil Nag, Source -Cartoq.