On Monday, a large group of students were seen sitting on the roof and windows of the bus in Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu. But when the bus driver braked hard, the students on the roof fell on the road.

In the entire case, 24 students have been detained by the police and the video of the students’ actions is also going viral on social media. Also, in this video you can clearly see how a large group of students are riding on the roof.

For information, some students are seen hanging on the windows of the bus and the bus driver brakes the bus and about 30 students on the roof fall down the road. However, no one was seriously injured during the incident and the police took the matter seriously and detained 24 students for committing such an act in the public place.

Chennai Bus Day Celebrations Accident; A Troll Video

Video – JisHnu TrOlls

In the name of Bus Day Celebration, many students risk their lives and travel by hanging on the roofs and windows of the bus. But at the same time they also need to follow the rules.

The video of the incident on Monday went viral on social media.

The students of Pachaiappa’s College here climbed atop the bus plying on route number 47A to celebrate ‘Bus Day’.

Police took some students into custody.

‘Bus Day’ is celebrated as a thanksgiving to the driver and the conductor who are regulars on a particular college route.

Over time, the celebrations have turned into a nuisance for the public with students forcing the driver to drive the vehicle very slowly, thereby blocking the traffic on busy roads.

The Madras High Court had come down heavily on the Bus Day celebrations several times. The police too had issued warnings against the celebrations.

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