Two men from Brisbane, Australia were caught committing an unusual offence. Surveillance footage showed a man trying to transport a full size refrigerator on a local train. The other was spotted doing the same but with a couch. On social media, Queensland Rail wasted no time in shaming the two offenders for using the trains as a transportation service along with a video of both of them.

In the video, the man tries to squeeze in the refrigerator through an elevator to reach the platform. Once at the platform, he wheels the appliance through the crowd to get onto the train. But sadly, his trip is cut short by a railways security official who orders the man and the hefty appliance off the train, coupled with a $252 fine. Moments later, the man is seen walking away from the platform with his refrigerator, presumably dejected that he would now have to pay for transportation.

On #TrainEtiquetteTuesday, Queensland Rail shared a funny edit of the entire episode on Facebook which has nearly half a million views.

Enter- the man with the couch. The video also features an unidentified man taking a couch out of a train and flipping it multiple times to move it. He briefly disappears abandoning the couch on the platform. He reappears and continues flipping the couch over to the elevator. He shows up with a trolley to wheel the couch out of the station.

Australia’s ABC reported that any item that doesn’t fit on luggage racks or under the seats is not allowed on trains.

Queensland Rail revealed on Twitter that both the instances happened at Brisbane’s Bowen Hill Station this year.