Caught on camera: Driver attempts dangerous, illegal move

A dangerous B.C. driver is being publicly shamed after they were caught on camera pulling a dangerous and illegal stunt in Langley.

James Milne caught the whole thing on his dashboard camera, and said he was shocked by what happened. His footage shows a pickup truck blowing past traffic on Highway 1 using a passing lane that doesn’t exist before cutting back in.

“He flies down the shoulder, and then right before he hits the barricade he forces himself into traffic,” Milne told. He posted the video on YouTube and it’s already been viewed thousands of times.

“We were all just trying to get to where we’re trying to go,” Milne said. “And this guy obviously thinks he’s more important than the rest of us.”

Milne’s camera didn’t capture the vehicle’s license plate, and no police was filed from the incident. That means the driver likely won’t face consequences.

With a report from CTV Vancouver’s Sarah MacDonald.

Driving eastbound through Langley just past 200th, just after where the highway goes from 3 to 2 lanes, this truck passes on the shoulder and swerves through traffic to avoid the concrete barriers.

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