To be a fan is to take interest in public transportation, whether it’s bus transit, rail transit, marine transport, or aviation.

To be an avid fan or a dedicated fan is to understand the ins and outs of the transportation industry, from the way systems are formed or managed to the vehicles that carry the riding public.

Bus Fans Get Together and a Short Trip at Thrissur – VIDEO

Bus Kerala is one of a Bus Fanning Group in Kerala. Here we can watch the moments of Bus Kerala Meet, held at Thrissur.

Some fans simply do a lot of research online and attend many events dealing with transit, while others work in the industry in some capacity as either operators, dispatchers, cleaners, or management.

There are some people who take a fondness to one mode of transportation over another, but most fans like multiple modes of transportation.

Some fans even love automotive transportation and work in the auto industry while still taking interest in public modes of transportation.

There are those that love buses, primarily transit buses. Some love both, like myself, while others lean more towards one or the other.

There are some that like school buses as well, but they are practically outnumbered by those who are just transit and/or coach fans.

Most busfans gather at major transit centers, bus stations, bus roadeos, and special bus-related rallies or shows to talk about, what else, buses.