Bus driver on school duty performs stunts: Arrested, bus SEIZED [Video]

A video of a Kerala bus doing stunts on the school grounds has become viral on the Internet recently. The tourist bus, which was hired by a school was spotted doing dangerous driving on the video withing the school ground.

A car and a few bikes later joined the bus and did stunts on the same spot. The bus driver and the car driver were later arrested by the Kerala Police.

The incident happened at Vendar where tourist buses were hired by Vidyadhiraja School were spotted doing stunts. After the video became viral, the Motor Vehicle Department (MVD), Kerala took a stern action of the bus driver and arrested the driver, who has been identified as Ranju.

A sedan was also spotted doing stunts in the vicinity in the same video and the driver, who was identified as Abhisheth, 22 years old was arrested by the cops too. Both the drivers were later released after they paid the bail amount.

Video – Mathrubhumi

The MVD has seized the bus and has registered a case against the car driver. The bus was hired for the students of the school who were on a study tour as per the reports.

After the video of the bus became viral, a team of MVD officials waited for the bus to return back to the school and seized the vehicle as soon as it returned.

The officials have also seized the RC book of the bus and have suspended the Driving License of the driver. Currently, MVD is doing investigations. The bus is currently parked at the Puthoor Police station.

The MVD officials also investigated the mechanicals of the bus and they found out that the vehicle’s speed governors have been dismantled. The speed governors are mandatory in heavy vehicles in India and it ensures that the bus does no cross a certain speed limit.

Video – Manorama News.

Also, the MVD officials found that the bus had pressure horns, fancy lights and loudspeakers installed. All these are illegal as per the MVD law. Due to the installations of such illegal features, the fitness certificate of the bus has been cancelled.

In the video, several bikes can be seen performing stunts too. The MVD investigated the video and has now seized seven bikes that were spotted doing dangerous stunts. The officials are now trying to figure out the registration numbers of the other bikes in the video and are expected to impound the other bikes too.

The car was spotted with a girl out of the sunroof and waving a flag. The MVD has said that stern action will be taken once the culprits are identified.

The MVD has even asked the bus owners to be present for the investigation. The officials will not investigate 9 other buses in the district and inspect them for any illegal modifications.

Written By – Shantonil Nag, Source – Cartoq.