The number of imported sports cars and supercars have increased by quite a lot but most of these cars are run inside the city limits only. The primary reason why such cars do not leave the city limits is the condition of the roads.

Most Indian roads can throw surprises like potholes and even illegal speed breakers, which is why such expensive car owners stick to the known roads. Well, there are a few who have ventured with their expensive cars to the unknown territory in the past. Here is one such example where an Audi R8 owner takes the sports car to Coorg from Bangalore and faces a lot of challenges.

The video mostly shows the good roads but since it is the pre-monsoon season, the rain can quickly deteriorate the condition of the roads. This Audi R8 car takes on the challenges on the road including a section of road that is covered with slush. The R8, however, crosses all the challenges without much of a problem and reaches Coorg.

The owner says that the vehicle did face challenges and at a few sections, he felt that the car will get stuck. But no such thing like this happened. It should be noted that Coorg is a hill station and the road conditions are not the best in the country. Still, the owner of this R8 took the vehicle to the unknown territory.

This is a 2013 Audi R8 that offers a decent ground clearance of 160mm. There are many mass segment cars in the Indian market that offer similar ground clearance. A skilled driver who knows his car well can handle such road conditions but there is always the fear of the unknown, which is why expensive car owners do not venture out to the unknown locations even when they own Grand Touring cars, which are meant to be on the highways.

There have been incidents in the past involving a Lamborghini Huracan getting stuck on a broken section of road in the past in India. Even similar incidents have been reported from foreign lands. If such an incident happens, the cost of repairing the vehicle can be quite a lot also, recovering cars from such situations can be a time consuming and tricky affair. Since the supercars need flatbed recovery due to the overhangs, it makes the task difficult.

One of the best ways to go around this problem is to scout the roads beforehand. This will allow you to know where to be extra careful when you bring the expensive vehicle.

Written By – Shantonil Nag, Source – Cartoq.