Audi Q5 luxury SUV working as a tractor in India: Video Viral

Audi Q5, which is the mid-size SUV of the brand in India is the ride of many rich and famous celebrities in India including many from Bollywood. The Audi Q5 is quite luxurious and offers a range of features.

It’s priced close to Rs. 50 lakhs. A few variants of the SUV are full-time Quattro, which means that the 4WD system is operational all the time. However, most owners of the Audi Q5 keep the vehicle on tarmac roads and refrain from going into any dirt. Why? Because it is priced expensively in India and no matter how capable the vehicle is, owners will always be worried about getting it damaged.

Here is a video, which shows a worry-free owner using his Audi Q5 as a tractor! The video, which was shared to us by one of our readers shows that the Audi Q5 gets hooked to a plougher in the rear in the rear.

In the next moment, the SUV goes into the watered-filled farm field and does several rounds of it with the plougher. It should be noted that with a plougher attached in the rear of the vehicle, it becomes quite difficult to drive the vehicle around such conditions. The plougher is designed to get buried in the soil and plough the land.

It creates resistance, which sometimes can be higher than towing a vehicle. This is why tractors are used in such situations. Tractors have extremely concentrated torque in the low-end, which makes sure that the vehicle can move around in the stickiest of the situations.

Due to the high resistance from the plougher, the Audi can be seen going sideways too and struggling to find a grip. However, the driver of the vehicle keeps the engine RPM high, which in turn makes sure that the vehicle moves around in the farm field. The video also shows the vehicle spraying the water high in the sky due to the high-speed of the wheels.

The fact that the Audi Q5 does not gets stuck anywhere in the field truly tells about the car’s capability. However, the reluctance by the owners to take such expensive vehicles to off-road locations makes sure that we do not get to see such things often.

However, using the vehicle in such an extreme situation can also turn out to be a different experience. Driving such high-end vehicles in the water-logged fields can cause the vehicle to get hydrostatically locked, which is a challenging and expensive repair.

Such vehicles should be handled with care but they should not be restricted to the tarmac usage. They sure can prove to be capable vehicles, especially while driving through snow or slippery surfaces.

Written By – Shantonil Nag, Source – Cartoq.