Private buses get caught immediately as most of the commercial luggage are carried atop the bus or inside it, which is easily noticeable. But here, we can see a tourist bus is trying to be replace a truck for carrying bricks.

Don’t know is the bus is in a running condition. But the video getting viral in social media platform. Its just a funny video. That’s all. We don’t want to criticize them.

A Tourist Bus Carrying Bricks in Kerala; Video Viral…

As per the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 and its consecutive amendments, a private bus is a passenger transport vehicle meant for carrying people. The permits and certificates used to register a vehicle are completely different for vehicles carrying goods and passengers. The road taxes, green taxes and levies you pay for carrying passengers and goods are also different. They aren’t interchangeable.

Also, Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) regulations strictly mention that the build of a goods carrying vehicle is very different from that of a passenger carrying vehicle. The latter is tested for higher levels of safety which restricts it from carrying high loads of goods. To illustrate this a bit more, earlier buses used to have overhead carriers for carrying goods, which was considered legal. But due to overloading quite a few of them toppled leading to loss of life. ARAI consecutively made overhead carriers illegal, although they are still rampantly used in few parts of the country. Manufacturers have smartly started making huge luggage boots below the seats to woo the travel operators.

So technically it is illegal to carry goods in a bus and carrying people in a truck.