Bus owners and employees who publish videos of loud music and light show inside buses on YouTube will land in trouble. Transport commissioner has instructed to cancel the fitness certificate of such buses.

The action is part of the vehicle check on the dance floors in buses which increase the rate of road accidents and sound pollution. Hundreds of videos on YouTube has loud music and laser shows. Drivers are also seen enjoying this.

Loud sound systems and light shows are leading to dangers. Stringent actions will be taken against them as they are illegal.

A KSRTC Ordinary Bus with LED Lights – Video Viral

According to a Supreme Court rule under Section 52 (1) of the Motor Vehicle Act, modifications on any model of cars and bikes are considered illegal.

However, despite repeated instructions from the Motor Vehicle Department, it was found that two and four-wheeler owners were still violating the rule.

To check illegal modifications on vehicles, the Kerala Motor Vehicle Department has started ‘Freaken’ drive which is followed by all the Regional Transport Offices (RTOs).

This decision was taken by the MVD following the strict action taken against vehicle owners of modified vehicles in other states. In the past weekend, the RT officers had served notices to 34 vehicle owners of cars and bikes in the city who had altered their vehicles. MVD is conducting the drive in other districts also and many cases of illegal modifications have been reported.

In Kochi, notices have been served to 65 vehicle owners of cars, SUVs and bikes. Among the vehicles seized was a modified Mahindra Bolero, an SUV which was modified in New Delhi and had additional lights and a powerful silencer.

Owing to regular complaints of the high intensity of headlights used in vehicles blurring the vision of the oncoming drivers, the Kerala MVD had deployed lux meters, light intensity measurement devices to track such violators.

This drive is being undertaken by the MVD following the reports from public where they came across modified vehicles emitting loud sounds and causing much disturbance to the locals.Alterations ranging from modified exhausts changing the decibel level to transforming the colour of vehicle, size of the tyre are all considered illegal.

Source – Mathrubhumi, The New Indian Express.