A tour bus service is a bus service that takes visitors sightseeing, with routes around tourist attractions.

Common features : Padded fabric or leather front-facing seats, often reclining. Foot and arm rests. TV monitors connected to DVD player or VCR to provide entertainment or possibly analog TV or DTV for local news or programs (possibly in seats with viewer choosing what station).

Basic lavatory – riders may be discouraged from using it except in an emergency,but some newer buses feature full service lavatories. Cool water dispenser, refrigerator, hot water urn. Wheelchair lift or ramp and “kneeling suspension” for easier access (especially for the elderly and infirm). Tinted windows (and/or curtains or blinds). Luggage compartment (or bins) below in the underbelly of bus, with overhead hand-luggage racks.

A Kerala Tourist Bus like a DJ Dance Floor; Tiktok viral Video

Bus owners and employees who publish videos of loud music and light show inside buses on YouTube will land in trouble. Transport commissioner has instructed to cancel the fitness certificate of such buses. The license of drivers who drive carelessly will also get cancelled.

The action is part of the vehicle check on the dance floors in buses which increase the rate of road accidents and sound pollution. Hundreds of videos on YouTube has loud music and laser shows. The authorities have found several crimes including overspeed, careless driving and unnecessary honking. The videos also have people dancing in the driver’s cabin in a running bus. Drivers are also seen enjoying this.

Laser lights are fixed in the driver’s cabin and LED lights on the wiper blade and wheel arch, which are illegal. LED lights and sound systems that divert the attention of the drivers have been banned.