Have you ever thought about a bus or truck driver and what their life consists of? Do you ever wonder how hard it might be to work as a bus-truck driver?

For many, it means leaving their homes late in the evening to drive all through the night. It involves kissing their family goodbye knowing that they might not get a chance to see one another for at least a week or two.

A Bus Driver’s Prayer Before Starting the Journey – VIDEO


Video – Kerala Drivers

It means receiving a call in the “middle of the day” that your son or daughter has broken their leg on the playground at school. It means feeling like a part-time parent because you are several states away and can’t be there to nurture those you love most. It means being judged by family and friends because you are making a living to provide.

With all these difficulties in mind, do you think that it is vital for truck drivers to pray? Well, it is no doubt crucial that truck drivers should pray. Look at all the situations that they have to face! Surely they need to draw strength from the Lord.

” Lord, give me firm hands, attentive eyes, prudence and perfect control so that I may make a good journey and arrive happily at my destination. You are the Author of life. Do not let me suffer any accident, hurt anyone or be the cause of anyone’s death.
Make me calm and patient in difficult traffic. Protect me against all incompetence, accidents and troubles. Together with me, protect my passengers. Teach me to respect the signs, to use my vehicle for good purposes and to moderate my speed. May Your grace always accompany me on my journeys.”

If you just prayed may God bless your leaving out and coming in! May He wrap angel wings around your truck as you leave out and pull in. Please understand that you are valued, and God always honors a truck drivers prayer. Keep praying those prayers! You may feel alone on the road, but you are never alone. God is with you. Thank you for your service. Without your deliveries, this world would not be able to operate!