5 skywalks mooted for Kochi

The National Transportation Planning and Research Centre (Natpac) has recommended constructing five skywalks in different areas of the city where the intensity of pedestrian movements is very high, in order to ensure the safety of pedestrians.

Three of the proposed skywalks, which are major ones, are those connecting the High Court boat jetty and Madhava Pharmacy Metro station; Ernakulam boat jetty and Maharaja’s College Metro station; and, Vyttila junction and Vyttila Mobility Hub. The other two of the proposed five skywalks are intended to connect the Kaloor Metro Station with the Kaloor private bus stand and Ernakulam North station with Lissie Metro station.

Elaborating on the need for the proposed skywalks in its study conducted for developing a Pedestrian Friendly Urban Transport system for Kochi city, Natpac observed that with the commissioning of Metro Rail, a large volume of transit passengers, numbering 16,500 in the peak hour, is anticipated at Madhava Pharmacy Metro station. In order to integrate the metro station with the water transport mode, a skywalk is proposed from the High Court Boat Jetty to the Madhava Pharmacy Metro station through Banerjee Road.

In order to address the high pedestrian-vehicle conflict at the High Court junction, a skywalk with a clear walkway width of 3.50 m would be required. The approximate length of the proposed skywalk would be 1,100 metres with access from both sides of the road at High Court Road and Saritha theatre to facilitate pedestrian cross movements too.

The peak hour pedestrian movement of 2,300 justifies the proposed skywalk from Ernakulam Boat Jetty to Maharaja’s College ground Metro station through Hospital Road. It would have a length of 1.2 km with access to General Hospital and KPCC Junction on MG Road. This would help physical integration of different modes of transport in the central area of the city.

The approximately 40,000 passengers accessing the Vyttila Mobility Hub and a maximum volume of 2,774 peak hour passengers between Vyttila Junction and the Mobility Hub warrant a skywalk at Vyttila. Once all bus operations from the Kaloor private bus stand and Ernakulam KSRTC bus station are shifted to the Vyttila Mobility Hub, and the Vyttila Metro station and hub boat jetty turns operational, pedestrian movements are expected to reach a critical situation, further necessitating the facility.

News : The Hindu