10 year-old kid spotted driving car: Police Fined [Video]

Minors driving vehicles on the public roads is a major offence in India and there are some serious laws against it. However, there are many parents who encourage their minor children, who are yet to attain the legal age of getting a driving license, to drive vehicles on the public roads. Here is an incident from Hyderabad, where a minor was caught driving by a fellow motorist and got recorded in the camera.

The video has been shared on Twitter by Tiger Neelesh who claimed that the video was recorded in the Outer Ring Road (ORR) of Hyderabad. The person has also mentioned the exact date and time of the incident and has tagged Hyderabad Traffic and City Police in the same Tweet.

The shocking video shows a minor child controlling the steering wheel of a Maruti Suzuki Alto on the road. The person recording the video also shows the face of the child who was in control of the steering wheel at that moment.

The person claims that the child driving the vehicle must be around 10 years old, which is seriously quite young to control a vehicle on a public road. There are many other who are present in the same car, which we think is the family of the child.

The Tweet also claims that the car stopped before the exit of the ORR and changed the drivers so that the cops don’t catch them.

The video became viral on the Internet and senior police officers from Hyderabad also re-tweeted the post after tagging the relevant departments. Kushaiguda Traffic Police Station later uploaded the online fine receipts issued to the owner of the vehicle.

However, the cops have not commented if any action will be taken on the parents who allowed the minor to drive the vehicle on the public roads.

The fine issued by the cops is only for Rs 2,000 according to the receipt. The fines were issued included Disobedience of orders for Rs 500, Dangerous Driving for Rs 1,000 and Minor driving the vehicle for Rs 500. The total fine is for Rs 2,000. There are earlier fines that are accumulated on the same vehicle.

Written By – Shantonil Nag, Source – Cartoq.