Are you a KSRTC Bus Fan?

Are you in love with KSRTC Bus?

Yes, You are in love with KSRTC buses, if you agree any of the following facts.

1) Do you wait for KSRTC Buses, even if you get to see a private bus in the same route?

2) Do you feel embarrass when you see the color combination of Yellow – Red and Yellow – Green?

3) Do you feel enthusiastic even if you are travelling in a worst looking “Koothara”  ( ? ) buses of KSRTC?

4) Do you feel like travelling in a KSRTC bus somewhere, when you are sitting jobless?

5) Do you feel proud or happy when you see a KSRTC bus on road?

6) Do you try to travel in any Super Class Buses, even if it is a short distance journey?

If you said Yes to any of the questions asked above, There is no doubt you are in love with KSRTC.

Yeah, I Love My KSRTC :-)