Woman blocks high-speed train from departing as husband was late

A woman in eastern China delayed the departure of a high-speed train by using her body to prevent the cabin doors from closing, in a bid to allow her husband – who was held up at the ticket turnstile – time to get on board.

Xin’an Evening News reported that Luo Haili, her husband and daughter were late for the train bound from Hefei to Guangzhou, after they initially went to a wrong station. Luo and her daughter reached the train just as it was about to depart, but her husband was held back at the ticket turnstile, according to the South China Morning Post (SCMP).

Videos posted on social media show the woman standing at the train doors to prevent them from closing.

“My husband is at the ticket entrance. I will move away when he comes,” she is heard telling station staff, who try to pull her out of the train. The stand-off lasts about five minutes. At one point, the woman is pulled away from the train and onto the ground. However, she manages to get up again and block the train doors.

SCMP reported that Luo was allowed to eventually board the train with her daughter and husband.  The video went viral on Chinese social media with users questioning the staff’s decision to let Luo and her family on board after creating such a scene.

According to SCMP, she has been suspended from her job as a teacher at a primary school in Hefei pending an investigation by the local education bureau.  Luo can be fined up to 2,000 yuan (US$307) for obstructing the operation of a train service.