Why do most Indian Politicians prefer a white car?

White color is the political color for India. Especially when we are surrounded by VIP cultures. These politicians do not see the car as a possessions but rather as a commuting vehicle used in a convoy.

Secondly the superstitions prevails amongst most of them regarding what color suits their sunsign to which they prefer plain white. Who wants some bad omen just for car colors. :-p

However this is not true for everyone. We do have politicians having colorful and glossy cars as well.

White color stands for peace and that is the main reason politicians prefer white to any other color. White cars, white SUVs, white plush seats, White towel on office chairs, white painted house, etc.

Scientific Reason – White cars if parked in sun will reflect the sunlight and will get less heated up compared to any other color cars. White color has a tendency to reflect light. People prefer white for this reason as well.

Economical Reason – White colour is the base color in a car and is cheapest. White coloured cars will always be cheaper than other color variants and so people prefer to go for white as a savings.

Other reasons being, white color cars tends to look neat even if its dusty due to the nature of white color. People having white cars or even silver cars have to clean their cars less often than any other color. Minor scratches on cars near bumpers or fenders tends to be hidden as white cars have a base paint as white Aw well. An accidental case will also put less burden to fix a white color car rather than others.