What are the problems faced by passengers on Indian railways?

There are plenty problems most of us faced while travelling in Indian railways:

1. People sit or stand in front of door, even there is plenty of space in the coach. Still people prefer to stand which blocks the way for other passengers to enter into the coach, due to this many people sometimes misses the train even after having a reservation or met with an accident. People should understand that Station has came, they should give space to allow people to enter in the coach.

2. Once the train stops at the station, first people which has to be deboard should give chance to exit and then the people who want to travel forward should enter. Most of the time fights happens due to this issue.

3. Most of the time, People stand on the way to washroom and reluctant to give space for fellow passengers to go to washroom. Specially the senior citizen face a lot of problems in sleeper while going to washrooms. People should understand the problems of the people.

4. People close the door of Sleeper and AC coach at night and does not open in night, due to this most of the people face the problem to enter from other coaches.

5. Sometimes people put their shoes on seat and make it dirty.

6. Takes more bedsheet and towel in AC coach which is alloted to them.

7. In General or sleeper coach, many male passengers smoke while standing on the door which makes other passengers uncomfortable.

8. Now a days, Sleeper coach became general and AC coaches become Sleeper. People from general coaches does not have fear of entering into sleeper, due to this the people who has reservation face a lot of problem, even sometimes they are not able to sit on their own reserved seat.

9. We should also understand the pain of people during peak season such as Diwali, Rakhi, Dushara or during any event such as Army exam or bank exam or any event such Kumbh etc. we can give some space to our fellow passengers in extreme or genuine case. After all its just for humanity.

10. Does not use flush after using the toilet and leave as it as. Use washroom when the station is at the platform.

11. Does not dispose the waste/garbage material into dustbin.

We should understand its our own property, only we can make it better. Its not always governments fault, We can learn few good thing from other foreign countries specially discipline.

Mahatma Gandhi Said “ Be the change you want to see in the world”.

© Mohit Rathore.