What are the best strategies to reduce traffic congestion in Bengaluru?

Traffic Jams in Bangalore is a hot topic and one of the best discussion over a coffee in your office cafeteria. Nobody requires convincing through figures on how the traffic jams are impacting the economy of the IT city. For visitors to the city, India’s technology capital, the worst leg of their journey can begin after leaving the city’s airport. The 35-kilometre drive to the city centre from the gleaming terminal can take as long as two hours as motorists contend with congestion, wrong-lane driving, tractors and pedestrians on a road lined with shops and houses.

Reports say an average citizen spends more than 240 hours stuck in jams every year in Bengaluru. The city’s traffic jams make it the sixth-most painful worldwide for commuters and second-worst for parking after New Delhi, according to a survey.

Steps to reduce traffic congestion in Bangalore

1. More one way roads

2. Road broadening

3. More flyovers especially in junctions like Silk board must have a non stop, free flow flyover. We stop there 3 mins for each change of signal. Sometimes it is 5 signal changes to cross a junction.

4. More public transport, cheaper bus tickets

5. Metro train network should be increased.

6. Increase signal free service roads to help natives to go faster and reduce traffic jams.

7. People should car pool voluntarily.

8. Children should compulsorily use school buses. Parents should be forbidden from school pick up and drops.

9. Pot holes filled and repaired.

10. Cars and other vehicles older than ten years should not be allowed in Bangalore.

11. Increase “no horn” roads. Every time a signal changes to green all the vehicles at the back scream with their horns “go fast I need to cross the signal this time atleast”. They scare a new driver out of his skin.

12. Remove straying cows and bulls from roads.

13. Remove overflowing garbage from roads.

14. Remove dogs and pigs near garbage which give even an expert driver a test of his life.

15. Strict traffic rules, especially those overtaking from the left side, over speeding and stopping suddenly at speed breakers.

16. No. of speed breakers should be reduced. Our layout has more speed breakers than road length.

Writtedn By – Bhuvana-Rameshwar.