Volvo Buses has been in India since 2001 and has built a leading experience when it comes to high-performing bus applications. Volvo Buses has been driving the change in the industry introducing various firsts in India – including the true bus chassis concept, the low floor city bus concept, the multi-axle coaches, among a host of other technologies & concepts .

Scania buses and coaches are renowned for their outstanding total operating economy. Each component is engineered to heighten the performance of the vehicle and set world-class standards for fuel economy, uptime and safety. Every model can be customised to ensure that you get the best solution possible – in terms of passenger capacity, seating plans, comfort levels and other key criteria – for the transport task in hand.

After the monopolistic rule of Volvo in India , its time for some tough competition in the form of Scania. Both these certainly ROCK !!
Watch and enjoy !!