Apart from the facebook comments, we have received tremendous number of emails regarding this. Few of them are listed below.

1) Dilip K: Please provide blanket to everyone as all similiar transport services are providing those for the same fare.And also i have seen while travelling in tvm-bangalore volvo we are to ask the conductor for blanket.instead of that conductor should provide those as soon as the traveller boards the bus.in my last travel in ekm-bangalore volvo there was no blanket at all which made me disappointed.Although rest of the things looks good and interiors and quality of seats are extremely good.the seats are more spacious than other buses.

2) Eldho George: Improvements expected in Kerala RTC buses.

1. First and important thing. Time, Time, Time… How many Volvo’s are maintaining its time on arrival or departure. Many reasons may be there but some we can avoid.

a. Avoid going into interior town and city bus stands in between. eg. Palakkad Thrissur, Chalakudy, Perumbavoor etc. but make use of small feeder buses to take or drop people from bus stands and let Volvo travel through bye-pass only.

b. Dont stop vehicle in between places for tea, break etc unless it is very urgent. Stop for food in designated places only.

2. Customer Satisfaction.

a. Customers are treated by KSRTC employees as if they are travelling on mercy of the employees. Attitude must be changed.

b. Provide blankets(giving water can be avoided), media(films or music).

c. Drop the traveler wherever they like if it is on the way. Dont say that there is no designated stop.

d. Please please please redesign the booking site of KSRTC. Else give booking privileges to 3rd party such as redbus, goibibo etc also local travel agents.

e. Give a call/message to the traveler before the journey reg the timings.

3. Efficiency

a. Good courteous drivers. Can avoid conductors and make enough training to drivers itself since the job is very minimal in giving tickets.

b. If drivers feel its long journey, let different driver drive from station to station rather than 1 or two driver in the bus for entire journey.

c. Work with postal department and see if permissible amount of luggage/parcel/mails can be carried.

d. Make the timings of the bus which can draw max number of travelers. For eg. a bus starting from Bangalore before 4 pm to any place will draw less people attention than a bus starting after 6 PM. They will prefer to start after office timings on a weekday.

e. Always prefer a nationalized and good condition roads for effective travel and less maintenance of buses.

3) Arun Sasi: The timing of Kottayam Bangalore Garuda is awful. Please reschedule it to earlier timing i.e 6 30 pm from Kottayam and 8 00 pm from Bangalore.