Here is some suggestions/complaints which i have received from a driver of Kerala State Road Transport Corporation.For saving his face, i am not giving the identity of that person.

This is a copy – paste of an email which i have got. So there might be some mistakes.

For Changing the face
For changing the face of Kerala rtc, go through the drivers they will tell what the corporation have to do. Because there is lot of problems in duty scheduling in ksrtc. Other wise there is no chance. I am a driver. You know how difficulty to drive this bus. So lot of people recruited from psc they left their job. Ksrtc didn’t enquire why they left.

Tata and Leyland Destroy The Future

Tata and leyland they destroy the future of ksrtc . Now they are moving in volovo I am sure about that it will be success. make more service in volvo or other good company busess.

I am very much disappointed
To,Mr Sujith Bhakthan,
I am sure about that you can’t do anything about to save ksrtc The top level people are not interested in information technology . I am saying this because. That we can see their website . I never see such a site like keralartc. I know you did a very good job for the people who loving kerala rtc, thank you very much because you know I am very disappointment of this situation because I am also working this organization as a driver.

Over strain for human body

If you can influence the officials do something for kerala rtc. Revise the timing and kilometer in the case of drivers because now they are only bothering to run the kilometer so they can’t maintain the quality of their job this is a very hard job. We are doing the job 15 hrs there is no rest tell me who is doing this type of jobs in govt sector if a person can do one or two hrs extra there is no problem here we are doing double duty that is the main thing you have to think about that. Everybody thinking if we work one day that is double duty we will get next day free, the fact is we will not get that day free you know the other day everybody is sleeping because of tiredness. This double duty is over strain for a human body.

No Practical Knowledge

See one complaint “ how ksrtc get profit “ I told you before there is no people involved in this IT section because they are not too much interest in this IT section. Lack of knowledge may they have educational qualification but they have no practical knowledge so.