One of Tamil Nadu’s most picturesque hill stations, Kodaikanal is located atan altitude of 7,200 ft in the Palani hills in the Western Ghats. It is home to exhilarating views, lush forests and high waterfalls, homemade chocolates, and eucalyptus trees. Kodaikanal offers pleasant weather throughout the year and the best time to visit is in summer, spring and monsoon.

A lot of adventure enthusiasts from nearby cities like Chennai and Bangalore take regular bike trips to Kodaikanal’s inviting hills. You can easily explore Kodaikanal on your own without bothering with tour packages. All you need is to follow our guide on the best things to do in Kodaikanal. Read on.

Top Things to Do in Kodaikanal

1. Walk the Coaker’s Walk

A scenic, long walk to remember.  Walk on Coaker’s Walk to catch breathtaking glimpses of the valley below which is clad in floating dreamy clouds. Leave early in the morning to watch the scenic sunrise, you’ll also find vendors selling fresh food.

Near the main gate, there is a telescope house from where you can closely watch the views. The best time to take this walk is before 3 pm. The walk is must-do for honeymooners as well as solo travellers. You can also go biking on the path.

  • Where: Near Van Allen Hospital

2. Go boating in Kodaikanal Lake

A beautiful man-made lake, Kodai Lake is famous for its star shape, clean waters and silent charm. The shimmering waters lapped in the surrounding greenery are heavenly in a boat ride. During winters and monsoon, evening boat rides offer the rare chance of boating through fog and mist, a most surreal feeling.

You can take stunning pictures of the views, feel at one with nature and even go horse-riding around the lake. Walking along the lake or biking in the twilight hours is one more memorable activity to do.

  • Where: Near Bus Stand

3. Explore the haunting Guna Cave

Also known as the Devil’s Kitchen, Guna Cave is a group of caves located between three huge boulders. The cave is made of deep, dark rock formations that are eerie in appearance. Pillar Rocks, as the name suggests, are huge rocks shaped like pillars.

You can also see the spine-tingling exposed tree roots that look straight out of a horror flick. There are bats living inside the deep cave chambers! Tourists should exercise caution while visiting as there is a chance of falling down the steep cave rocks. But a thrilling experience for the daredevils.

  • Where: Near Moir Point, outskirts of Kodaikanal

4. Have a fun outing in Bryant Park

A well-maintained botanical garden full of colourful, blooming flowers, Bryant Park is a great spot for a family picnic. There are play areas for kids, a variety of horticultural gems, a glass house and an attractive rose garden.

There are pretty walking and cycling paths where you can take relaxing strolls. If you’re visiting in summers, you can enjoy the awesome flower show organized here. The park is a great spot to take selfies with flowers.

  • Where: Lower Shola Road

5. Feel the love in Pine Forest

On the way to Guna Caves, take time to walk in the picturesque Kodaikanal pine forest. Many Bollywood and South Indian movies are shot here. Trekking through the middle of tall, captivating pine trees is an unforgettable experience.

Be sure not to litter as the forest ministry maintains the area well. The forests are ideal for quiet time in nature and a visual delight for photography buffs.

  • Where: Kodaikanal Ghat Road

6. Trek to Dolphin’s Nose & Echo Point

A thrilling experience for trekkers and adventure enthusiasts, a trek to Dolphin’s Nose is a must. A 1 km trek that takes you to the summit that appears like pointed rock, the trek takes around 3 hours and is a moderately difficult trek.

If you walk further ahead, you will reach Echo Point where the views get even more splendid. The path is rocky and uneven, so wear good hiking shoes and carry bottles of water. Trek trail closes by 6 pm.

  • Where: Pambar Bridge

7. Take a scenic drive to Berijam Lake

Located 24 kilometres away from the centre of the town, Berijam Lake is a freshwater reservoir accessible via a highly scenic route. You will find amazing flora and fauna in the lake premises including gorgeous water lilies and a range of medicinal plants.

You will need permission from the forest department before the trip and only limited number of vehicles are allowed in a day, so leave early in the morning. Some travellers have reported that the forest route leading to the lake is even more beautiful than the actual destination.

  • Where: Old site of Fort Hamilton

8. Visit Kurinji Andavar Temple

The temple is famous for Kurinji flower which blooms once every twelve years. They will bloom in 2018 and then in 2030. Other than that, the temple is worth visiting if you want to pay respects to Lord Muruga and enjoy the sights of valleys surrounding the temple.

Other reasons to visit the ancient temple are the charming shops which are located around the temple where you can shop for tribal handicraft and souvenirs.

  • Where: Temple Road

9. Play boomerang with your cap

There is an offbeat destination called Caps Fly Valley around 15 kilometres away from town centre. It is a fun place to visit. If you throw a light object such as your cap or an empty bottle, it comes flying right back at you.

The reason for this phenomenon is the atmospheric pressure that is created at that particular spot in the valley. Aside from this fun activity, the valley is ensconced in superb natural wonders such as the hills, the forests and the accompanying fog.

  • Where: Berijam Road

10. Rejuvenate with Yoga

Need to recharge your batteries with yoga? Visit Karuna Farm in Kodaikanal. You can engage in cleansing and meditation with the help of experts at this ecological farm which offers yoga, meditation and meditative art class.

Call in advance to make a booking. The centre closes at 5 pm.

  • Where: Prakasapuram Village

11. Go biking in Kodaikanal

Even though the town can be explored on foot or in your own vehicle, biking around town is a unique experience you must savour.

Plenty of health aficionados and adventure lovers who visit here, rent bikes and ride around the hill station, stopping at little cafes and bakeries, and generally having a good time on their bikes. Rent at Kodai Bike Services.

  • Where: Kanyakumari Road

12.  Take a night safari

There are plenty of organizers that offer night safaris in Kodaikanal. These are set in the plantations and forests that look and feel vividly different during the night safari.

Night views of lakes, Mango Temple and Palani Hills are thrilling and surreal. You can book a night safari at JC Residency. This is a favourite activity of honeymooning couples.

  • Where: JC Residency, Convent Road

A visit to Kodaikanal can be a thrilling or a tranquil experience, depending on your travel palette and preference.

Written By – Kenneth, Source – treebo.