Top 10 List Of Largest Buses In The World Of 2019

With the growth of population, technology starts bring new changes for the people lives. Modes of transport are also changing as per demand. As lots of people use the bus service daily to reach their destination, Manufacturers start making large size buses for better convenience.

There are many types of large sized buses in the market selling by the best bus manufacturers in the world for peoples like a double-decker bus, in which you can sleep while travelling. Some buses have different coaches like the capability of the train in which large number of people can travel and enjoy their journey. You can surf on internet and read about largest buses all around the world.

lets see the Top 10 Biggest Bus in the world of 2019

10. Neoplan Jumbocruiser

Neoplan Jumbocruiser-biggest bus in the world
Vechicle Type: Articulated Double-deck Multi-axle city coach
Length: 18 Meters
Engine: Diesel Engine
Capacity: 170 Passengers
Class: Commercial

9. Nova Bus LFS

Nova Bus LFS-largest bus in the world
Vechicle Type: Single-decker articulated bus
Length: 18.90m
Engine: Cummins Hybrid ISL 8.9L 330hp
Capacity: 65 People

8. New Flyer XDE60

 New Flyer XDE60-the biggest bus in the world
Vechicle Type: Articulated transit bus
Length: 60 ft
Engine: Diesel-Electric Hybrid Engine
Capacity: 59 People

7. Volvo 7900 Hybrid Articulated

Volvo 7900 Hybrid Articulated-world largest bus
Vechicle Type: Articulated Model
Length: 18.084m
Engine: Volvo D5F
Capacity: 154 Passengers

6. Hess LighTram 02795

Hess Lightram 02795-what is the biggest bus in the world
Vechicle Type: Carrosserie Hess
Length: 82 ft
Engine: Electric Drive
Capacity: 180 People

5. 0530 Mercedes-Benz GL CapaCity

Image result for 0530 Mercedes-Benz GL CapaCity

Vechicle Type: Articulated Model
Length: 64 feet
Engine: Diesel Engine
Capacity: 176-193 Seats

4. Rede Integrada De Transport

Rede Integrada De Transport-world biggest bus
Vechicle Type: Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system
Length: 92 feet
Engine: Diesel or Gasoline Fueled engines
Capacity: 250 Passengers

3. Van Hool AGG300

AN Hool AGG300-biggest bus in world
Vechicle Type: Bi-articulated bus
Length: 82 feet
Engine: DAF PR Euro5/EEV
Capacity: 74 Max

2. Youngman JNP6280G Bus

Youngman JNP6280G Bus-top 10 bus in the world
Vechicle Type:
Length: 82 feet
Engine: Diesel Engine
Capacity: 300 Passengers

1. Autotram Extra-Grand

Autotram Extra-Grand- highest bus in the world
Vechicle Type: Bi-articulated passenger bus
Length: 101 feet
Engine: Fuel-efficient Hybrid Engine
Capacity: 256 Passengers.

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