Taxi or restaurant? You would want to ride Goldy Singh’s cab if you are in Delhi

If you are in Delhi and call for Uber or Ola cab, pray that you will get Goldy Singh assigned for the journey.

The moment you sit in Goldy’s cab you will be greeted with a smiling face, he will offer you tea, coffee, cold drinks, chips, candies, and juices as if you have entered someone’s home.

This service is free of charge. Passengers are also welcome to play the music they want to play, charge their phones and other devices and relax as they reach their destination. Following the Sikh tradition of Daswand, in which you spend 10th of your earnings for charity and betterment of the society, Goldy feeds those who travel with him.

Being a sole earner in a family of seven, he gets very little time for himself, let alone help out others. So he decided to make most of his profession and still follow the ancient Sikh tradition.

According to a report in Navbharat Times, Goldy was an engineer before taking up driving cabs. An accident on the job led to back injury and Goldy had to resort to driving. To support the family, he used to drive 3 days straight and that too started taking a toll on him. Even then he never stopped saving for Daswand.

But soon with financial help from his mother, he bought a second-hand cab, became his own master and turned his vehicle into a swanky ride.

Goldy told the daily that people love the way he treats them. They click selfies and start following him on YouTube.

This hospitality has earned Goldy a loyal fanbase. Goldy runs a YouTube channel chronicling his rides with the permission of his passengers, of course. Other times, the videos include update on his weight loss, explanatory videos on the changed Uber and Ola policies, and Delhi street food reviews!

He said that this only motivates him to do better and make more people happy.