A highly compassionate and passenger-dedicated KSRTC conductor:

This very rare and praiseworthy incident happened half an hour ago (11.30am) today. I just wanted to sribble this unable to confine it to me.

I was just sitting in the Calicut Univerity bus waiting shed. A differently abled girl in her teens with her mother was standing near the bus stop in wait for a bus towards Trichur side, perhaps to go to some hospital. The girl seemed to be having much difficulty to walk. They were there for nearly 10 to 15 minutes, the time I was also there at the stop.

A KSRTC bus (No.KL-15, 7957) from calicut and bound for Ernakulam stopped here and a few passengers alighted and boarded. The girl and mother also wanted to board this bus, but they were standing a little distance away from the spot where the bus stopped. They were looking at the bus in much expectation, but were highly doubtful and confused whether the bus would wait for them till they reached the stop and by the time they reach, the bus would have left, as is the usual thing happens, putting them in an ignonimous state. they must have felt.

The conducter noticed them. He waved his hands towards them to come. He waited till the girl and mother boarded the bus, helped her to board the bus comfortably and arranged to provide her a seat as well and then only gave the double bell. I was observing all these from the bus stop and awe/wonder-struck to see the highly rare, compassionate, duty conscious and exemplary service rendered by this conductor towards a fellow human being, at a time when we hear about the reckless behaviour of the bus crew all around. When I post this, this bus would be continuing its journey on the NH 17 , perhaps would have crossed Valancherry by now. The conductor and the girl are not aware a small incident involving them has gone global. but the incident has left a deep impression on the emulative and worth services rendered. My deep appreciation to this KSRTC staff for his noble deed. May the tribe of people of such thoughts and acts increase.

Written by: Pramod MK, Assistant Registrar at University of Calicut