Beware when you block a Metro Rail, you may get 4 years in jail

Kochi:  One need not even dream of blocking Metro trains as a form of protest just as they do for ordinary trains. If anyone tries to block a metro or prevent an employee from performing his duties, then not only penalty, they may have to undergo 4 years jail term too.

The Kochi Metro Rail Ltd (KMRL) has brought out a list of dos and don’ts which may attract penalties and also a set of rules and regulations that have to be followed. This is as per the Metro rules.

Blocking trains also is a crime. Carrying offensive materials during journey may also attract 4 years. And possession of harmful items posing danger to the moving train, the passenger will have to compensate the loss.

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Here a few rules and regulations for a safe and comfortable journey

Offences and Fines

Drunkeness or nuisance to fellow passengers  – Fine upto Rs 500 and or forfeiture of ticket

Carrying offensive material – Fine of Rs 500

Carrying dangerous material – Imprisonment upto 4 years and fine of Rs 5000

Demonstrations, sticking posters or unauthorised graffiti – Imprisonment of upto 6 months or fine upto Rs 1000 or both.

Unauthorised entry into trains – Jail of 3 months or Rs 250 fine

Obstructing metro operations – Rs 5000 fine or imprisonment upto 4 years

Damage to metro rail properties – imprisonment upto 10 years

Travelling without ticket – Imprisonment upto 1 month or Rs 50 fine