RORO Train | Trucks on RAIL | Best of KONKAN Railways

Beauty of Single line Konkan Railway RORO Trains ,Trucks on Rails is one of the most unique Service that is only offered by the Konkan Railway Corporation Limited (KRCL) since 1998. RORO means Roll-on/roll-off, where loaded trucks are directly carried by railway wagons to their destination.

Konkan Railways passes through tough terrains of India. There is NH-17 passing through same route. Truck drivers find it extremely difficult to drive loaded trucks through ghats, undulating surfaces, narrow roads and poor road and weather conditions. The KRC came with concept of RORO, where loaded trucks are moved on wagons and are traveled by train.

This has helped in saving of fuels, decrease in wear and tear of lorries (trucks), relief to drivers of driving in extreme conditions, can reach faster to destination. This also helps in decongestion of roads and lowering of pollution. This concept has been beneficial for both truck operators and KRCL.

Enjoy these Unique RORO trains captured from some best locations of Konkan Railways during the peak monsoons.

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