Road Signs From India That Are Both Funny And Witty

For people who pay attention on road signs, traveling across India by road can be so much fun because we always get the chance to have some good hearty laugh that you won’t get elsewhere on earth.

If we keep a close eye on road signs, many of them turn out to be hilarious, witty, and sometimes they make no sense at all. For road safety measures, signs are there to convey something but all these signs are so catchy and amusing that they actually distract the drivers.

Here are some of the most hilarious and wittiest road signs which are found only in India.

1. This one which works like a ‘tough puzzle’.
2. And witty too!

3. This one which gives a clear message – Be cool and don’t go to hell.

4. Little scary but very true.

5. And this one too

6. Yes, too fatal! Salman Khan wasn’t aware of this.

7. Everyone knows that, but thanks for reminding again.

8. This sign which particularly aims at rum lovers.

9. Meant for husbands only? divorce

10. Gossipers warned!

11. Sometimes common myth can keep the drivers alert.

12. While driving, you are suddenly warned of being landed up in a hospital?

13. This one where Beatles ‘Abbey Road’ cover is used for road safety. Brilliant!

14. Came out straight from a ‘poem’?

15. Absolutely right, belt them!

16. Too sexy!

17. And too romantic!

18. Road sign cum blood bank advertisment

19. Guys, always be Mr Late!

20. And here comes the best of all.