Varavelpu is a 1989 Malayalam Movie. The film depicted trade union problems plaguing Kerala in a satirical dark comedy. Murali (Mohanlal) is a bus conductor in Kerala. Murali worked in Gulf for 7 years and he befriends Rema (Revathi).

However, His life is full of hurdles when the local politicians come and is not pleased to meet politician Prabhakaran(Murali). Prabhakaran is a greedy, nasty and wicked political leader who is often taunting Murali. Valsan (Jagadish) is friends with Murali but later he steals some money and goes missing for a while until he is found later.

Real Story of Gulf Motors Bus – Video in Malayalam

Chathutty (Innocent) is a bus driver and Hamsa (Mamukkoya) is Murali’s colleague. Chathutty reports to Murali and Hamsa that Valsan stole the money and is now missing. Murali and Hamsa search for him but he is nowhere to be seen. Later when Murali was at the bus parking lot,Hamsa found Valsan at the food stand. Murali sees Valsan and beats him but Valsan escapes.

Another day, a group of people were protesting in front of Murali’s bus (Gulf Motors) and blocking it. Suddenly, Ramakrishnan (Thilakan) arrives and attends the matter. One night,Rema’s drunk father arrives at Rema’s house and bumps into the bus. He causes a hard time to Hamsa and Murali and Murali carries the drunk father to the house.

Rema tells Murali her unfortunate story. Suddenly, Hamsa was being attacked and the gang was damaging the bus. Murali dashes to the scene and he fights off the gang and Prabhakaran is with the gang. Hamsa and Murali finish them off. The bus on the other hand is damaged. The townsfolk come to look at the bus’s poor state. Ramakrishnan discovered that Prabhakaran was responsible for the damage and is furious with him.

Later Prabhakaran was giving a speech to the townsfolk when Murali arrived. He grabbed the microphone and gave his own speech. This turned into a ruckus between Murali and Prabhakaran until the police settled it down. Ramakrishnan helps Murali and he is thankful. One other night, Murali and Rema were having a conversation.

Next morning, Murali and Rema are at the road and Murali is waiting for the bus to gulf. This film ends on an average note when Murali guarantees he will write to Rema and he boards the bus which heads for gulf.