Polish Pilot lands plane without its wheels

A Boeing 767 carrying over 200 passengers from New York’s Newark Airport made an emergency landing in Warsaw, Poland, in 2013.

Video footage has now emerged from inside the plane as it landed. The video was broadcast on TVP in Poland. Video from the day showed the Polish Airlines plane touching down on the runway without landing gear, then sliding along before grinding to a halt. Airport emergency services rushed to the scene to extinguish a small fire and reported no injuries.

The dramatic landing came only weeks after a similar incident in Iran in which a Boeing 727 plane was safely put down by a heroic pilot without its front landing gear.

It was reported that the plane circled over Warsaw for over an hour but was unable to get the landing gear working. Fuel was reportedly dumped before the pilot started the emergency landing. Witnesses on the ground live-tweeted the incident as the plane came in to land: