Policemen have no right to take out key of your vehicle during checking

If policemen, during checking, takes out the key of your vehicle, then you have every right to oppose it.

The cops who are doing it are simply not following the law of their department because as per the guidelines issued by the police department, no policemen have the right to take out the key of your vehicle in the middle of the road.

However, one can see policemen frequently taking out the keys of the vehicles during checking.

The information regarding it is provided under a Right To Information (RTI) filed by advocate Pawan Parikh.

In the information provided by the police department, it is said that taking out the key of any two or four wheelers is wrong. No policeman, irrespective of any rank, has the power to do this.

In addition to this, many times, cops deflate the tyres of vehicles parked outside the yellow line or in no parking, which is also against traffic rules.

Now, if any police officer tries to take out the key of your vehicle, you must immediately complain to his senior.