Aircraft spotting or plane spotting is a hobby of tracking the movement of aircraft, which is often accomplished by photography. Besides monitoring aircraft, aircraft spotting enthusiasts (who are usually called plane spotters) also record information regarding airports, air traffic control communications and airline routes.

Plane spotting is a great way to learn about and enjoy the aviation industry and the aircraft and airlines that encompass it. For anyone who enjoys airplanes, plane spotting makes a great hobby.

Whether you’re interested in becoming a plane spotter yourself or you’re just intrigued by the endeavor, the information in this article should help you understand the nature of the hobby better. And when you’re ready to begin plane spotting, hopefully, this information will help you get off to a good start.

Plane Spotting at Cochin International Airport – VIDEO

Why do people stand around watching airplanes, anyway? The answer to that is a simple one, really: Plane spotters like airplanes.

Plane spotting is as simple as going to the nearest airport and watching airplanes. There are certain unwritten rules and guidelines to follow in order to keep the peace with airport management personnel and other plane spotters, but for the most part, all you need to do to get started is watch and, if you’d like photograph airplanes.

When spotting aircraft, observers generally notice the key attributes of an aircraft, such as a distinctive noise from its engine or the number of vapour trails it is leaving. Observers assess the size of the aircraft and the number, type and position of its engines. Another distinctive attribute is the position of wings relative to the fuselage and the degree to which they are swept rearwards.

The hobbyist might travel long distances to visit different airports, to see an unusual aircraft, or to view the remains of aircraft withdrawn from use. Air shows usually draw large numbers of spotters as it is a chance to enter airfields and air bases worldwide that are usually closed to the public and to see displayed aircraft at close range.

Finding a place to go can be difficult for beginners. But you can legally spot aircraft from just about anywhere. Plane spotting is perfectly legal if you’re on public property and not in a restricted area.

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