Overtake and Re-Overtake : Intense Parallel Action on Indian Railways

Some intense parallel action from Eastern Railways! Our Howrah WAP4 hauled 12371 Howrah Jaisalmer Express had a 10 minute delay in departing from Howrah. As we raced towards Bardhaman, we furiously sped past the Sealdah Muzaffarpur Fast Passenger, which was dawdling along the adjacent line with an Itarsi WAG5. Right on the outskirts of Bardhaman however, we were made to slow down and the Itarsi WAG5, which had maintained a steady momentum whirred past, much to the shame of the weekly superfast.

Video – Best of Indian Railways

Our WAP4 however was not to be easily slighted and soon started accelerating, helped no doubt by the fact that the train enjoyed a non-stop run through the fairly busy station of Bardhaman. Our acceleration ensured that we overtook the upstart fast passenger and coasted through Bardhaman at a steady 60-65 kmph. Kolkata railfan, Avishek Basu can be seen in the video, looking out through dark shades. The LP of the WAG5 was extremely curious as to what two young boys on a weekday were doing, filming every minute of the race! 🙂