Overcrowded Train Roof Top Travel [VIDEO].

Overcrowded jam packed Train in rural India. A Narrow Gauge Train running jam packed on a mad morning rush hour heading Jabalpur. The very first thing that comes to our mind while travelling on a Indian Railway Unreserved Compartment train is the word ‘CROWD’ and in this case its an ‘ OVERCROWD’.

Seen here is a Narrow gauge train comprising of 9 tiny coaches running 200% beyond its seating capacity. A mad rush with absolutely no space to even place one of your feet on board. Though this is not a very common scene in the City side, this is indeed a daily scene in the interior and remote parts of India due to very low frequency of operating trains resulting in the over crowding.

This doesn’t mean the people are illiterate or uncivilized they just don’t have a choice most of them being laborers and daily waged workers and the next train may only show up after a gap of 3-4 hours which might cost their job.

Usually the men take over the roof tops and foot plates offering seats to the women, children and the aged. In spite of so much of hardship and discomfort in their lives these people are so much fun filled ,enthusiastic and never loose their smile.

This single Narrow Gauge line runs between Jabalpur – Nainpur Junction, from here the track branches one side towards Nagpur and the other continues towards Balaghat.

Very recently the Jabalpur – Nainpur NG line was shut down for Broad Gauge conversion. Now the trains originate from Nainpur. The BG conversion should hopefully bring a big relief to the people in this area.Until the conversion they have to rely on private buses which will pinch their pockets really hard.

The production of Narrow Gauge Locomotives and Coaches stopped almost 3-4 decades ago and these Locos and coaches have been renovated and maintained with extreme hardship by the Railway staff for daily safe operations.This narrow gauge line is over a 100 years old constructed during the British Rule.

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