Motor Cycle on Rails ! Dangerous attempt by an unknown man – VIDEO

Bike ride over the girder Rail Bridge. Eagerly waiting to capture trains here comes an unusual spotting which was least expected. A man riding his Bike over the Rail bridge which is meant for Trains.

This is seriously the heights of trespassing with out any fear of the height. What if a Train comes all of a sudden? When will these people learn?

That is such a long stretch. If he had been half way and the train approached, he would’ve no option but to jump off the bridge with his bike. It’s only the risk factor in India. There’s hardly anything like trespassing railway property. Probably because it’s government property.

Also watch 2 Trains crossing the Bridge one powered by a EMD and the other powered by a ALCo. 12708 Delhi Hazrat Nizamuddin – Tirupati , Andhra Pradesh Sampark Kranti Express, Locomotive : GOOTY WDP-4D 40152 57425 Kacheguda – Guntakal Passenger. Locomotive : GUNTAKAL WDG-3A 13225. Location : Krishna River , Gadwal. Telangana State.

Use notice board, warning message at prone trespassing areas. Railway people should identify ; inform the respective authority. There should be surprise check by railway official to find, punish people who broke rule. so that people will have fear next time. Built foot over bridge where ever require. Railway official worker duty, work responsibility should be reviewed and recorded in system in rural village areas. Aware people through media advertising or other medium explaining the consequence.

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