Man risks his life chasing the Cow – Watch Video

Appreciate this mans presence of mind and the risk he took towards safely moving the animal off the tracks in spite of the fast approaching train.The consequences might have been really bad otherwise.

WAP5 revisits Bangalore and this is the third time a WAP5 loco has visited the city and whats more special is it is a original Swiss made imported WAP5.

WAP5 are extremely rare to spot in South India as they are homed at only 2 Electric Sheds in India firstly Ghaziabad ELS of Northern Railways and the second is Vadodara/ BRC ELS of Western Railways and none of these sheds cater their WAP5 Locomotives to the trains down south.

The WAP5’s came into service in the year 1995 and till date it is the fastest running Locomotive of Indian Railways with a Top permissible speed of 160 KPH. Presently the Gatimaan Express between Delhi and Agra runs at this speed.

The first 11 locomotives were imported from ABB in Switzerland in 1995 post which Locomotives were produced in India by Chittarajan Locomotive Workshop.The loco in the footage is the 10th and the second last imported WAP5 from ABB.

Train : 12007 / 12008 Chennai – Mysuru – Chennai ~Shatabdi Express. Loco : Northern Railways WAP-5 30009 Ghaziabad (GZB) . Location : Bangalore East & White Field.

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