Loco Pilot Slows Down the Train due to Crazy Trespassing

Dangerous Trespassing, People carelessly cross the Railway Tracks in front of a approaching Train, completely ignoring it. But what lead to this Dangerous Act of Trespassing in front of a approaching Train ? Do check out the complete video to understand.

Do you think this was a death trap or Careless attitude of the people or lack of a announcement by the Station master, which lead to a big chaos?

Thankfully the Alert Loco Pilot realized that another train had arrived at the station at the same time and he slowed down his train seeing the massive crowd getting off from the other train .

The loco pilot speeds up back after ensuring every one has cleared the Permanent way. Do Let us know your views about this situation ? The recent Amritsar Train run over incident has raised several concerns against Rail safety and trespassing.

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Kindly request people to check signals and stay away from Tracks when ever a train is approaching.

It is illegal to cross railroad tracks at any other location besides a designated pedestrian crossing. If you are not at a pedestrian crossing, walk at a safe distance away from the tracks until you locate one. There should be a sign and/or a ramp for pedestrians to safely cross.

Not every pedestrian crossing will have lights or bells to warn you. If the crossing does not, look both ways down the tracks and listen for a train. Stand at a safe distance away from the tracks. You should stand at least 10 feet away from the tracks. Wait for the train to completely pass.

Do not cross until you are sure that another train is not following. If there is a pedestrian crossing gate, wait until it is lifted to cross. There should be no more lights flashing or bells sounding. Look both ways once more before you cross.

Hundreds of people die every year on railway tracks. Do not play, sit, or walk directly on the tracks. A train takes at least a mile to stop, so it may not be able to stop in time if you are on the railway tracks.