Indian automotive technician builds own bus to improve road safety awareness among general public:

As the no. of vehicles increase day-by-day, it seems the accidents too shoot-up owing to the mis-usage of roads and mishandling of vehicles. Everyone seems to be a good driver but a very few really knows about the in-depths (including the pros & cons) of his own vehicle and how it should be dealt with in different conditions.

Indecent driving including but not limited to improper turning at curves, untimely gear changing etc. contribute a lot to accidents and it could be a further result of improper knowledge about vehicles.

Laws alone can’t curb accidents, but there are more innovative ways such as what this Automotive Technician has done. With his innate skills and hard-work a bus was crafted in 14 months which imitates the Kerala State owned KSRTC bus and has become popular news.

Everything from chassis, body, windshield, electrical circuits, painting, mechanical and cross-sectional cutting etc. was done by Mr. A.M Sabu himself. The parts were procured from different parts of Kerala State of India. For those who are unable to come and visit this marvel, this video will be useful to understand what really happens in a bus/vehicle that you use daily.

The craft-master Mr. A.M. Sabu is currently working as Automotive Lab Technician at Amal Jyothi College of Engg., Kanjirapally, Kerala (Mob: +91-9995956529; +91-8281962410)

Video: Sabu AM