Know The 20 Different Types of Travelers Around The World

Travelers are basically of a diverse breed as different travelers approach the same destination in varied ways. For some, it can be the destination of self-discovery, while for others travelling to the same destination is like broadening their cultural horizons or culinary quest.

Regardless of the type of traveler you are, travelling to any new destination is a form of rejuvenation and re-inventing urban dwelling, jaded souls, perpetually stressed that we all are morphed into. Below is the quick rundown of different types of traveler categories that we all fall into.

Look at the Types of Travelers to Know Where You Fall

1. The Photographers

Traveler Clicking Pictures

Traveler Clicking Pictures (source)

These are the type of travelers who travel around the year through time and space through images and taking panoramic and mind blogging pictures around them. They travel to capture the natural beauty and Instagram them to create beautiful stories.

Canada, Switzerland, Chile and Morocco are some of the destinations that top their list.

2. The Tech-Savvy Travelers

Traveler on Phone

Traveler on Phone (source)

Travelers exploring new destinations just because to satisfy their craving for taking photos with new HDR Camera or using new travel tech gears. There is no particular destination as they like all places that look good in the new tech gear.

3. The Holidaymakers

Traveler Enjoying Beach Side

Traveler Enjoying Beach Side

These are the travelers who visit the popular holiday destinations for a typical resort holiday. From European resorts in popular Mediterranean nations like Greece, Italy and Spain in search of the sun to Switzerland and France for skiing holidays. These destinations remain the hot favourite of the holidaymakers around the year.

4. The Good Planner

Travel Planning

Travel Planning (source)

They travel around with good planning and according to set schedules. They love travelling to any destination but with an organized way forward.

5. The Backpackers and Adventure Travellers

Active Traveler

Active Traveler (source)

Backpackers are the kind of travelers who love to explore different destinations and prefer independent travelling with low budget. However, adventure travelers are those who love going on trips and vacations to natural environments or remote locations with the particular purpose of active physical activities and exploring new experiences.

6. The Party Goer

Party Scene

Party Scene (source)

These are the travelers who prefer travelling just for fun and parties. Their favourite destinations are the bars and clubs.

Goa, Ibiza, Amsterdam and Las Vegas are some of the top options for them.

7. The Fashionista Traveler

Fashionable Traveler

Fashionable Traveler (source)

These are the fashion loving vacationers who travel across the globe in seeks of finding new fashion and trends in fashion world. The most favourite destination for fashion travelers includes Paris, France, Spain and Milan. As these are the hubs that attract most of the experts and professionals from the fashion industry.

8. Chill-Out and Recharge Retreaters

Woman Chilling

Woman Chilling (source)

Away from the hustle-bustle of urban lifestyle, they travel to chill-out either alone or with friends without any planning. Favourite destinations can be anywhere they can relax and rejuvenate away from the never-ending and fast moving city life.

9. Frequent Weekenders

Road Trip

Road Trip (source)

These are the travellers who challenge the concept of holidaymakers and prefer going to explore new destinations and places at every single opportunity available to them.

These travellers are those who are financially stable and can afford going out for vacations every weekend without missing any such opportunities. The top destinations are those that are within the boundaries of the city they belong to.

10. Budget Conscious Travellers

Travel within Budget

Travel within Budget (source)

They may travel anywhere they like but with tight travelling budgets. The favourite destination is where expenses are less and fun in full swing. Budget-conscious travellers bound to aim at saving money while on a trip.

11. The Typical Tourists

Friends Traveling

Friends Traveling (source)

This is the type of traveler that prefers sticking to the well-known and famous destinations and explores the clichéd touristy activities. You will often find these travellers trotting around the cities and destinations and enjoying sightseeing with the assistance of tour guide and city map. They ensure that no must-sees and must-dos are missed in their vacation.

12. The Feeble Travelers

Feeble Traveler

Feeble Traveler (source)

This type of confused traveler that always keep on asking people in sight for best destination and places to explore during their visit! There is no such favourite destination to figure out.

13. The Soul Searchers

Soul Searching

Soul Searching (source)

These are travelers whose prime objective is to travel around to find themselves and to ponder the deepest philosophies of life. The soul searchers typically travel alone in search of their soul and usually schedule spots where they can spend time staring over the cliffs or taking long strolls or lonely walking through the woods.

14. The Guidebook Follower

Woman Reading Guide Book

Woman Reading Guide Book (source)

This is the traveller breed that follows what travel guide has to say without using their sense. The favourite destination can be anything that guidebook guides them.

15. The Resort Hopper

Couple Relaxing at a Resort

Couple Relaxing at a Resort (source)

This is the breed of traveller that is not passionate about shopping, exploring new sights or does anything for that matter. They are simple vacationers that enjoy chilling out and vacationing in plush resorts or hotel rooms.

They like enjoying the mouth-watering cuisines and chilled beer in beachfront properties. They love water activities or taking a dip in the private pool in the resort.

16. The RV Travellers

RV Travelers

RV Travelers (source)

Old couples, families and even youngsters today love travelling in RVs and spend quality time in some isolated region together. The favourite destination can be anywhere or especially on the highways.

17. The City Slickers

City Travel

City Travel

City Slickers are the type of travellers that usually enjoy their vacations and trips in between traffic, malls, noise and hustle-bustle of urban lifestyle. The favourite destinations of city slickers are those where they get the opportunity to get lost in vibrant nightlife, shopping hubs, malls and recreational centres.

18. The Complaining Travellers

Man Complaining for Bad Food

Man Complaining about Bad Food (source)

This is the most demanding type of traveler who often complains of whatever is being offered them during vacation. They expect everything should be according to their desires. Favourite destinations are the places that resemble the culture of their own.

19. The Chatty Travellers

Travelers Chatting

Travelers Chatting

This is the most jolly-minded travellers who simply can resist themselves from chatting with everyone that comes their way. The favourite destinations of these travellers can be anywhere they can find like-minded people to chat with throughout their vacation.

20. The Groupies

Traveler with Friends

Traveler with Friends (source)

These are the breed of travellers that love travelling in groups and explore new destinations and enjoy sightseeing in groups of friends or family members. You will typically find them in packs, groups filled with individuals whose prime objective of vacation is to party together wherever they go. The group of travellers usually make the most out of their holiday and vacations.

So have you guessed yet? Did you find out where you fall? Or are you someone who is totally out-of-the-box? Let us know in the comments section! We would love to hear from you!

Source – treebo.