Travelling is the best way to get acquainted with women or men, locals or tourists, for serious relationships or just a one-day fling. Why don’t we just use the chance? Especially when we talk about a special type of women – the Russian females. We all know that dating a russian woman is carried out usually on the net with the help of online resources. However, just imagine how many of these go travelling each season to India, for instance. This every Indian guy can use the situation and, who knows, meet his Russian soul mate. Yes. Russian girls are very attractive and hard-working housewives. Now we will tell you how to meet, communicate and ask on a date a typical Russian girl. Let’s start!

Master your English

Slavic girls are usually fluent in two languages: the native one and English. If you read this article without a translator, congratulations! Still, good speaking means a lot as well. Silly mistakes with stresses and misused words will look funny. Simply she will not be able to take you seriously. So, take the courses or just watch YouTube bloggers to improve skills.

Be open and communicative

Girls can come to you themselves to ask directions and here you are, a grumpy, unpleasant, too modest guy who seems to be uninterested in her. But you are! Therefore, show how you feel about a girl. Excitement, happiness, intrigue and playfulness must be easily seen in your eyes. What is more, use the chance when she or the whole group of girls want to ask you something. For example, there is no need to show the way with the finger. Conduct across streets yourself. More time means more questions, more jokes, and more opportunities that can end with a fantastic dinner.

Be initiative

This one is for you not to be just an onlooker. Act when you can. You see a lonely confused girl with a map or GPS on her phone wandering the streets. Do not be afraid to come closer and ask whether you can help her or not. In addition, better keep the distance, as a poor girl may be afraid of a stranger. If you see a group of females quarrelling, as they got lost, again, go and help. In both cases, girls will be grateful. Furthermore, a grateful Russian woman is a great power a man can only have. You can get more power only when she falls in love with you. Go ahead and play with Amour arrows.

Use the tips in any place

Russian girls can visit sights, parks, and cafés. They are literally everywhere. Be yourself, come to an average Slavic woman, say “HI” and ask whether she likes your country. Any foreigner will answer the question (it is very impolite to ignore the citizens). Especially experiencing emotions about a new place, culture, and atmosphere. After this, start a new topic. It is better not to ask questions again, otherwise, a small non-intrusive talk may turn into an interview. Say something like, “You know, several years ago I travelled to … This is a drastically different place.” If the girl is a passionate traveller, she will obviously continue your monologue. If she does not, well, do you need a woman who is so unconfident and modest to talk about something really good of hers? I don’t think so. Good luck, friends!