How to get a driving license in Dubai?

“Get a driving license!” is the first thing you hear first you settle in Dubai. Why? Simply because, in such a big city with wide roads and usual traffic; and definitely no time, you’re a part of the rush. You need a driving license!

So what is the driving license procedure?

  • Find a driving school
  • Assuming you live and work in Dubai, you’ll need NOC for driving license from your employer
  • Submit documents and open RTA file
  • Do eye test
  • Attend classes
  • Pass the theory test
  • Finish internal assessment test
  • Eventually, pass the final RTA driving test and get your driving license

First, let’s answer some questions about Dubai driving license:

Who can get a driving license?

Adult UAE citizens and residents (expats) who are over 21 years old can get driving license in Dubai. Though if you’re 18-21 years old, you can apply for a probationary license.

Who issues the driving license?

After training and test in authorized driving schools, RTA (Road & Transport Authority) issues driving license to you after passing RTA driving license test; hence the name RTA driving license.

What are the required documents to apply for a driving license in Dubai?

Most driving schools in Dubai have the same requirements to apply for driving license.

  • Passport (original & copy) with residence stamp (visa)
  • No-Objection letter (NOC) from employer (or sponsor generally)
  • 8 passport photos

What is the cost of driving license in Dubai?

As a matter of fact, the fees deviate according to several factors:

  • Which driving school you choose
  • How many hours of training you pay (most of the time to choose from 10/15/20 hours)
  • Whether you are a beginner or you have a driving license from your home country.
  • The fees for the driving license of a beginner for 20 hours, tests and fees is approximately 5,500-8,000 AED.

List of Top 5 Driving Schools in Dubai

Here’s a list of the most famous driving schools in Dubai to help you find the best one for you. (There’s no intention of the order, so feel free to tell us from your experience about each in the comments section):

1 Emirates Driving Institute 

EDI is considered the largest and most successful Driving Institute in the Middle East and has been in operation since 1991. Emirates Driving Institute provides driver license acquisition training courses using its fleet of over one thousand vehicles in different vehicle categories.

Documents & requirements:

  • Original Emirates ID (Please note: Visa copy may be required).
  • Eye test must be completed before RTA file opening. It can be done at any of EDI’s 3 main centres (Al Qusais/Al Quoz/Port Rashid) or at any RTA authorized optical centres in Dubai.
  • No Objection letter (NOC) required only if profession is not mentioned in the RTA exempted list of professions
  • If Employed: No Objection letter must be printed on the company letterhead with the company stamp & signature of the designated authority
  • If Unemployed/Personal employed sponsor: No Objection letter from the sponsor must be submitted on a white paper with the signature.

Total course fees: (Charges may be changed)

Classes 20 Hours 15 Hours 10 Hours
Regular AED 7070 AED 6640 AED 5770
Nights AED 7270 AED 6520 AED 5870
Friday AED 8470 AED 7420 AED 5970

2 Belhasa Driving School

Student taking test and police officels sitting next to the student during the driving class at Emirates driving school in Dubai PHOTO:Gulf news archives

Belhasa Driving School is an institute with a wide experience and many years of practice in the field of driver training services. Since 2001, Belhasa driving school has helped thousands U.A.E. students to obtain their driving licenses.

Documents & requirements:

  • Two Passport Copies with Valid Dubai Residence Visa.
  • Original Emirates ID card and a copy required.
  • 3 Passport Size Photos
  • Online eye test passing certification. (The students can appear for the eye test at Belhasa Driving Center or any other optical center that is duly registered).
  • No Objection letter from Sponsor (NOC).(Some profession is exempted )

Total course fees: (Charges may be changed)

Classes 20 Hours 15 Hours 10 Hours
Regular AED 6250 AED 5750 AED 5150
Nights AED 6650 AED 6047 AED 5370
Friday AED 7050 AED 6350 AED 5550

3 Al Ahli Driving School

Relying on years of experience and justified trust of its applicants, Al Ahli driving school offers a wide range of training programs individually designed for each student with the different experience of driving.

Documents & requirements:

  • Company sponsor: Original Emirates ID with copy
  • No Objection Letter (w/ Stamp & Signature)
  • Eye test (available in Al Quoz – Head Office)
  • Original country license (if available)

Total course fees: (Charges may be changed)

Classes 20 Hours 15 Hours 10 Hours
Regular AED 5113 AED 4639 AED 4062
Nights AED 5952 AED 5270 AED 4482
Friday AED 5952 AED 5270 AED 4482

4 Dubai Driving Center

Dubai Driving Center was established in 2003 by local entrepreneurs, by appointment from the Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) and since that time, we have worked closely with them to bring the very highest standards of International Driver Training to the people of Dubai.

Documents & requirements:

  • 1 passport copy with valid Dubai residence visa
  • Original Emirates ID with a copy
  • 2 passport size photographs
  • Eye test report (Eye test can be completed at DDC Head Office / Alqusais / Al khail)
  • No Objection Letter from sponsor
  • Professions that do not require an NOC letter

Total course fees: (Charges may be changed)

Classes 20 Hours 15 Hours 10 Hours
Regular AED 5470 AED 4870 AED 4270
Nights AED 6070 AED 5320 AED 4570
Friday AED 6070 AED 5320 AED 4570

5 Galadari Driving Center

Yet, another driving school operating for over 12 years, Galadari Motor Driving Centre opens up new possibilities for those who want to become a pro in driving. GMDC – a certified driving school with experienced instructors, who own all the necessary knowledge and practical experience to teach you the skill of road management.

Documents & requirements:

  • A copy of your valid Passport.
  • A copy of your valid Dubai residence visa
  • Original Emirates ID card and a copy of both front and back of the Emirates ID.
  • 2 passport size photographs
  • Copy of your Eye test report (Eye test can be done at GMDC or at any one of the registered optical centers)
  • No Objection Letter (NOC) from Sponsor. If sponsor is an individual, the passport and visa copy of your sponsor is also required.

Only training hours fees: (Charges may be changed)

Classes 20 Hours 15 Hours 10 Hours
Regular AED 3070 AED 2570 AED 2070
Shifts AED 3870 AED 3170 AED 2470
Friday AED 4070 AED 3320 AED 2570

One more thing before you pick your school, here are some quick tips and tricks to help you pass the test and hit the roads  :

Driving license test tips & tricks

  • Do not be nervous if the instructor and other students sit beside you. Drive as if they’re your future passengers.
  • Do not stop quickly for all pedestrians or birds on the road. Pedestrians have eyes and birds mostly fly away. A sudden full stop can cause traffic or accident behind you.
  • If you had to make a full stop, make sure you check the rear mirror and that no car is close behind you.
  • In case you had to drive after a previous student, take your time to set up your seat, safety belt, mirrors, and make sure that all passengers are securely seated.
  • If the examiner asks you to do anything don’t forget that you are the one behind the wheel. Take your time, make sure the road is clear, check the mirrors and take the required step. Imagine you’re listening to your GPS navigator on the way to work.
  • Always make sure when you want to drive that hand-brake is down before you accelerate.
  • If the car is in neutral state, don’t press the accelerator. This is also one of the biggest reported mistakes.
  • Pay a very close attention to all road signs in the test. Examiners care the most about safety and respect to road signs. If the sign says STOP, you need to make a full stop, make sure the road is clear and then move again.

We hope that you feel ready now, you know Dubai driving license details, and you already picked your most suitable driving school. So go ahead with best wishes by DubaiHow team to gain your driving license and pass the first step for an easier life in Dubai. 

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