Hijacking is a type of network security attack in which the attacker takes control of a communication – just as an airplane hijacker takes control of a flight – between two entities and masquerades as one of them.

In one type of hijacking (also known as a man in the middle attack), the perpetrator takes control of an established connection while it is in progress.

Housewife gets pranked in a hijacked Volvo Bus

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The attacker intercepts messages in a public key exchange and then retransmits them, substituting their own public key for the requested one, so that the two original parties still appear to be communicating with each other directly.

The attacker uses a program that appears to be the server to the client and appears to be the client to the server. This attack may be used simply to gain access to the messages, or to enable the attacker to modify them before retransmitting them.

A practical joke, or prank, is a mischievous trick played on someone, generally causing the victim to experience embarrassment, perplexity, confusion, or discomfort.

A practical joke is “practical” because it consists of someone doing something physical, in contrast to a verbal or written joke.

For example, the joker who is setting up and conducting the practical joke might hang a bucket of water above a doorway and rig the bucket using pulleys so when the door opens the bucket dumps the water. The joker would then wait for the victim to walk through the doorway and be drenched by the bucket of water. Objects can feature in practical jokes, like fake vomit, chewing-gum bugs, exploding cigars, stink bombs, costumes and whoopee cushions.

Practical jokes often occur in offices, usually to surprise co-workers.