Unidentified flying object (UFO) is the popular term for any aerial phenomenon that cannot immediately be identified. Most UFOs are identified on investigation as conventional objects or phenomena. The term is widely used for claimed observations of extraterrestrial spacecraft. But in Kerala, UFO is a famous Private Bus Operator.

Anyone remember the UFO Bus Service, running between Ernakulam – Kumly? Why all of the busfans are still loving UFO? What are the specifications of this Bus?

History of famous ‘UFO’ Bus Service Kerala : VIDEO

1) 14 row seats each in 2+2 configuration except last 2,means abundance in standee area.

2) Door width of 1500mm with seperated ladies and gents entry make faster boarding and alighting.

3) Overhead ventilation ensured all weather outward vision for passengers.

4) Destination board at doortop,at a height over 2000mm was best soliciting!

5) Additional door at rear end passed registration objections easily.

6) Separated cabin allowing crew passage safely and gender protection 100%.

7) Nothing to cause additional cost in body building than any other a quarter glass variant, except one additional door.It was a bus almost running at night time.

8) It was a service running through Sahyan terrain at night usual temperature well below 23°c.

9) The operator never suggested it for others due to space limitations to provide 3rd door on a lower WB variant which is essential for trouble free RTO registration process. It was pneumatic door.

10) The finest ergonomic factor in this design was driver can concentrate at single door point through his LH mirror to avoid any door accident. It was a discipline to keep rearmost door closed en route except at stands.