Fuljar soda, this year’s Ramzan season special in Kerala

Fuljar or full-jar? No one knows what it means but the drink known as Fuljar soda is making waves among youngsters in the State replacing till-now firebrand favourite ‘Kulukki sherbet’.

The unique soda with full fizz is trending on the social media with many reaching out for it as the Ramzan fasting days approach their end.

The drink has taken Kerala by storm with people waiting in serpentine ques for hours have a taste. Most of the people are also posting pictures and videos of themselves enjoying drink.

The Full Jar Soda is prepared using mint leaves, ginger, Kanthari Mulaku (Birds Eye chilli), cuscus, cinnamon, lemon juice, Nannari/Naruneendi (Indian sarsaparilla), honey, salt and sugar.

The ingredients are crushed together and the juice is poured into a small glass. Then the glass is dropped into a larger glass filled with soda. THe spicy drink packs a sweet punch. Most of the shopkeepers encouraged thier customers to drink Full Jar Soda in one sip.

Different flavours of fuljar soda is also available now.

Youngsters are seen queuing up in front of cool-bars and other makeshift evening kiosks in villages and small towns of Malabar to take a quick sip of the Fuljar soda. It also seems to be a hit among school and college goers.

Fuljar soda is made by adding a masala concoction to chilled soda.

The drink got attention first by its name. “We call it Fuljar to mean a full jar because it overflows the big glass used for drinking this soda,” said an entrepreneur at Chattipparamba in Malappuram district.

Fuljar soda is made by adding a masala concoction to chilled soda. It is prepared in two ways: hot and sweet. Both variants are served in two glasses — one large glass tumbler and the other a shot glass.

The first mixture is in liquid form and is made by using pudina, ginger, green chilly, poppy seeds, lemon and salt.

There can be regional variations to this concoction. Some people add neem leaves, cinnamon, honey and various squash items to colour the drink as well as to add individual flavours. Part of the concoction is then transferred into a shot glass.

A tall glass tumbler is then filled with chilled soda and the shot glass is slowly dropped into it. The shot glass then slowly settles at the bottom of the tumbler and on its way, frothes the soda.

Source – Mathrubhumi, The Hindu.