Experience The Thrill Of These 12 Water Sports In Pattaya

If you are a true nature lover or an adventurous soul, then you should definitely try the water sports in Pattaya. Right from soothing activities to exhilarating water sports, Pattaya offers a gamut of water sports to choose from.

Scroll down to see all the amazing water sports you can try in this Thai city. Please note that the cost of water sports in Pattaya will differ according to factors like the season, area, and even the skill level of the person.

1. Scuba Diving

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Scuba diving is definitely one of the most famous water sports in Pattaya for true water babies. Diving beneath the spectacular beaches is one of the best activities one can experience in Pattaya. There are various places that offer day trips to diving sites in Pattaya to let divers enjoy breathtaking views of the exotic marine world. Approximately 20 diving sites are available around the Coral Islands of Pattaya. You need not worry if you cannot swim, just wear your goggles, oxygen tanks and flippers, and you are good to dive into the sparkling blue waters.

Starting cost: INR 5,900 per person for two dives (including rental equipment)
Location: Real Divers and Mermaids Dive Centre at Jomtien Beach.

2. Banana Boat Ride

Banana Boat Ride Race

If you wish to have some fun with your group of friends, then a banana boat ride is perfect for you. The huge banana-shaped boat inflated with air can accommodate around 5 to 6 people, and it lets you experience a laughter session with your pals. The banana boat is tied to a speedboat that takes you right in the middle of the ocean, and your banana boat will be vigorously dragged by a speedboat. The banana boat will be suddenly tossed upside down, thus letting you experience an unexpected dip into the water. This is one of the most loved water sports in Pattaya.

Starting price: INR 1,400 for six people (30 minutes)
Location: All the beaches of Pattaya

3. Snorkeling

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Snorkeling is one of the fascinating water sports in Coral Island Pattaya that lets you admire the beauty of vibrant coral reefs. Swimming amidst the flock of colorful fishes and clear blue waters is sure to give you a memorable experience. Though this activity is quite similar to scuba diving, it requires lesser equipment. While at Pattaya, you cannot miss out on this thrilling activity at Real Divers and Mermaids Dive Centre, at Jomtien Beach.

Starting price: INR 1,960 (including snorkeling gear)
Location: Real Divers and Mermaids Dive Centre, at Jomtien Beach

4. Flyboarding


Flyboarding is a perfect combination of airborne and water activity that gives you the feeling of diving like a dolphin as well as flying like a bird. This adventure water sport is for those who love to explore the craziest underwater sports in Pattaya. In this activity, a powerful water jet is attached to your boots, and this mechanism pushes you in the air and lets you dive into the ocean. The experts can even try flips, 360-degree loops or any other stunt.

Starting price: INR 6,000 for a 20-minute ride
Location: Flyboard Station Pattaya at Chonburi

5. Kite Surfing


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Kite surfing is yet another super fun activity that one can try from the months of November to April due to the steady breeze over the ocean. During kitesurfing, a large steerable kite is used for getting you over the water, and the high-speed wind lets you zip over the water and experience the thrill of it. Furthermore, you can even go up to 50 feet due to the accelerating wind speed.

Best time for kitesurfing: November to April
Starting price: INR 2,150 (one hour)
Location: The Blue Lagoon KiteSurf School in Chonburi.

6. Wakeboarding


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This exhilarating activity is a perfect blend of surfing and skiing, i.e. in this activity, you get to ski on a surfboard. It is apt for those looking for a budget activity that gives an ultimate surfing experience. Furthermore, this activity requires the ability to balance on the surfboard, as the speedboat drags the surfboard at an incredible speed. The experts can also try various interesting stunts and variations during the activity.

Starting price: INR. 600 (two hours)
Location: Thai Wake Park in Chonburi

7. Jet Skiing

Jet Skiing

Jet Skiing is yet another interesting activity available on all the beaches of Pattaya, and it is indeed one of the super cool ways to experience the joy of riding a bike on the ocean. Even non-swimmers can safely enjoy this sport, as the only requisite is possessing basic biking skills. Just hop on the jet ski with your friend, and you are good to go.

Location: All the beaches of Pattaya

8. Underwater SeaWalk

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The magnificent Coral Island is absolutely ideal for closely witnessing the underwater marine world. Walking on the ocean bed with tons of colorful fishes swimming around you will surely create a lasting impression. In this activity, you will be taken 20 to 25 meters deep into the ocean, and bread crumbs will be used to attract fishes around you.

Starting price: INR 3,000
Location: Coral Island

9. Parasailing


If you love to soar high in the clear sky, then you cannot miss out on this adventurous activity. Parasailing lets you enjoy the spectacular view of the coastline, expansive ocean, lush green jungles, and breathtaking landscapes. In this water sport, you will be harnessed to a parachute, and you get to experience the thrill of flying high in the sky. Jomtien Beach is the perfect spot to indulge in parasailing.

Starting price: INR 800
Location: Jomtien Beach

10. Windsurfing


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Windsurfing is again one of the most delightful watersports you cannot miss if you wish to experience the combination of sailing and surfing at one go. You need to balance on a windsurf and ride on the waves, while the force of breeze pushes you into the water. Since the board’s movement is controlled by the buoyancy of water and the force of the wind, appropriate training and balance are absolutely necessary for this sport.

Starting price: INR 7,800
Location: Na Jomtien Beach

11. Ski Boarding


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Among the various water sports in Pattaya, skiboarding is an enthralling activity allowing you to glide on the waves, while your skiboard will be tied to a speedboat. This speedboat drags your skiboard at an insane speed, thus offering you an adrenaline rush as you slide on the crashing waves. Furthermore, you need to hold the rope tightly while you enjoy the splashing water all around you. Knowing the basics of swimming is a must before indulging in this adventurous activity.

Starting price: INR 1,000 (30 minutes)
Location: Thai Wake Park in Chonburi

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12. Sailing

Catamaya Sailing Cruises

Sailing is for those to wish to sit back and enjoy the natural beauty of Pattaya, and the weather from November to April is absolutely ideal for sailing. However, this activity at Jomtien Beach is open throughout the year, and it lets you bask under the sun and enjoy views of the expansive blue ocean. You can go for a single day sailing trip with your family and friends, or opt for certified sailing courses as well.

Best time for sailing: November to April
Starting price: INR 4,900
Location: Jomtien Beach

With so many exciting water sports in Pattaya to try, which one would you pick first? Rope in your adventure-crazy buddies and take a thrilling vacation to Thailand right away. 

Written By – Sujata Dogra, Source – traveltriangle.