Emirates Cabin Crew Training – Exclusive Videos

All Emirates Cabin Crew are provided with seven weeks of Ab Initio training, in a dedicated state-of-the-art Cabin Crew training facility, at the Emirates Aviation College.

Emirates Cabin Crew Training includes a combination of both theoretical and practical components, with the latter taking place in full motion simulators of all aircraft types. This ensures the most realistic learning conditions, giving you the experience to deliver the finest service in the sky as part of the Emirates Cabin Crew team.

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The initial Emirates Cabin Crew training will cover:

  • Safety and Emergency Procedures (SEP)
    • First Aid (accredited by the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh)
    • Service
    • Emirates Cabin Crew Image and Emirates Cabin Crew Uniform
    • Fitness and Nutrition
    • Security Procedures

Annual refresher Safety and Emergency and First Aid training is a mandatory part of maintaining the Cabin Crew license.  You may also be required to attend additional Cabin Crew training from time to time to further enhance your skills on board.

As Emirates continues to expand, so too does the potential for a rewarding and successful career.  Based on your exceptional performance, motivation and the operational needs of the airline, Emirates Cabin Crew can progress from the Economy cabin, where all Emirates Cabin Crew begin, through to the premium cabins (Business Class and First Class) and beyond, to a leadership role on the aircraft. Dedicated high-performing Emirates Cabin Crew have been able to achieve the coveted Purser position within a relatively short time period.

In addition to being awarded more responsibility and learning opportunities in your role as your Emirates career advances, each promotion is compensated with an increase in monetary and non-monetary benefits.

It is also recognized that Emirates Cabin Crew have a range of skills, qualifications and experience that may be utilized and valued in other areas of the business. With a range of Emirates job vacancies advertised within the Emirates Group, you have the chance to progress in a variety of directions. Many former Emirates Cabin Crew are now working in Training and Development roles, Human Resources and Management.