EMD Vs ALCo INDIAN RAILWAYS Freight Train beauties

There are 2 separate Freight trains captured in this Video. Enjoy the beautiful view of 2 Freight trains back to back conquering the lush green Makali Ghats located on the Bangalore – Mumbai Rail route about 60 KM away from Bangalore.


The first freight train is hauled by twin WDG-4 Electromotive Diesel Locomotives with a Horse Power of 4500 HP each.Enjoy the notching sounds of the EMD hauling a long rake of Cement carrying wagons as it gracefully curves into the ghats which is restricted to 50 KM/H Speed for freight trains. The second freight train is hauled by the ever green Twin WDG-3A ALCo’s with a horse power of 3100 HP each hauling a brown BCNA wagon.The chugging duos conquer the ghats with utmost grace.

Video : The Railzone