You can get from Dubai to Sharjah either by bus or by taxi. The trip by bus from Dubai to Sharjah takes 1 hour 2 minutes and costs 18 dirhams.

A taxi will take you to the destination in 25 minutes, and you will have to pay from 202 dirhams for that. The distance between Dubai and Sharjah is about 40 km.

Buses in Dubai are of very high comfort level: they are equipped with roomy cabins, soft seats, and air-conditioning. The front of a bus cabin is meant for women and children, so men found there can be fined.

The bus fare can be paid in dirhams only, so don’t forget to find a currency exchange office before the trip. In the evening, buses are overcrowded, and there are often traffic jams at this time of day.

Dubai to Sharjah Night Bus Journey – VIDEO

There are two options to get from Dubai to Sharjah: by bus or taxi. The first option suits people who are travelling light and can orient themselves in unfamiliar areas. As for private transfers, they allow you to get from one city to another without depending on timetables. Besides, it is an opportunity to reach Sharjah with maximum comfort. So choose the option that suits you best, and may your trip be unforgettable!

Sharjah – a city with strict rules

Despite the fact that Sharjah shares borders with Dubai, these two cities are absolutely different. Sharjah is a very conservative emirate, and some things that can be found in Dubai are strictly prohibited there: alcohol, noisy fun, and revealing outfit.

There are other amusements which are in honour in Sharjah: they are visiting Heritage Museum and Classic Cars Museum, walking around the ancient district of Merejah, and riding the Eye of the Emirates which is a 60 m high ferris wheel.

Besides, tourists usually get excited seeing the 100 m high Dancing Fountain at Al Majaz Park. When in Sharjah, you should definitely visit the Faisal Mosque, as well as the Quran Monument which is 7 m high.

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